Our Community Gardens

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At The Table, we want to re-connect people with the joy of growing their own food. We also want to get more fresh, local and organically grown produce onto the tables of individuals and families in our community. 

To these ends we operate a 500 square foot kitchen garden and a small greenhouse on site. Last Duel Park park is home to our 7000-square foot community garden and Rogers rd is where we grow our garlic and production crops.  Last Duel Park is only 10 minute walk from our center.

In 2014 we added two food forest gardens to the Last Duel Park site. To visit the Last Duel park site enter the park off of South St.The Table is grateful to the Town of Perth for providing us with the space for the garden.

Under the guidance of our Community Garden Coordinator, The Table's garden group takes care of the preparation, planting, tending and harvesting of the gardens. Together we grow over 40 types of vegetables and herbs organically and in community. The food we harvest is taken home by garden members and used in our Good Food Bank, Community Meals, and Community Kitchen programs.

Our garden group is open to all community members and we take pride in making it a friendly space to meet new people and learn new skills, all in a beautiful environment. See the Garden Schedule for specifics about gardening sessions and workshops.

We always have room for more hands in the garden, and we welcome beginner and experienced gardeners alike. Come join us in growing both food and community.

Contact the Community Garden Coordinator at 613-267-6428, xt. 8 or by email joanna@thetablecfc.org

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