Clear Communication - Healthier Relationships Workshop

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Have you ever:

  • found that a small disagreement can turn into a big argument?
  • been in a conflict where you and the other person both insist that you are right and the other person is wrong, and both people come away upset and dissatisfied?
  • repeated what seemed like the same argument over and over again with someone?


Then join us for this workshop Monday September 21st from 10 to 2    (lunch provided by the Table) and learn to:

  • identify the kinds of communication that can lead to more arguments and less collaboration
  • understand what supports clear communication and healthy relationships
  • learn new communication tools to create more win-win situations with family, friends, neighbours and co-workers

The work shop will be led by Bonita Ford. Bonita aims to inspire people and help them empower themselves by sharing tools for healthier ways of living. At the heart of it, her work is about creating more harmonious relationships with ourselves, others and the Earth. Her “toolbox” includes permaculture, Reiki, Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication, shamanic practice and nature connection.  She has been leading workshops and groups for over 13 years.

To register, contact the Advocacy Office

  phone: (613) 267-6428 Ext. 29

 or email: