Program Highlights for 2013

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Last year we reached 2,111 different individuals with our services.

  • In the Good Food Bank alone, 313 new participants used the service for the first time. The total of Good Food Bank participants increased by almost 11%
  • We grew 1,957 pounds of produce in the garden at Last Duel Park
  • We purchased over $15,000 worth of locally produced food
  • We served almost 11,000 meals and over 1,200 homemade snacks
  • 8,860 volunteer hours made the work of The Table possible.
  • 100% of the members of the Community Action Network, the independent social justice club which was formed with the support of The Table, reported an increase in their interest and confidence in being able to take action on issues that matter to them.

During our Annual Program Survey, participants told us that coming to The Table is making a difference in their lives:

  • 73% of those surveyed have made healthy changes in their diet
  • Over 71% of participants in skills programs said that their physical health has improved
  • 67% reported  improvement in their mental health
  • 92% of all program participants have made friends with other participants at The Table and are feeling part of the community

Annual Report 2013

We tabled a report about The Table in 2013 at our AGM on May 13th. It tells stories and facts about the disruptive innovation we have been part of. Download the full report.