Life in the Soil- How to maintain a healthy soil environment

Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 10:00am


"Life in the soil is the best available resource that we have to work with nature. It requires understanding the organisms in the soil and how they interact with plants, and the key principles to maintaining habitat for these organisms. We will take a look at a broken and in tact soil food web, at microorganisms under a microscope, and at the principles that allow the soil food web to thrive with a diversity of organisms and methods. Diversity is the key to life in the soil, and life in the soil is the foundation of life. Monica will facilitate a discussion based on her  experience, and research from The Environmental Institute, The Soil Foodweb Inc, and others."


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Following this session we will serve free lunch 12-1

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Monica worked as a Growing Up Organic facilitator and sits on the advisory committee, is an active Hidden Harvest neighbourhood leader and advisory committee member with a focus on finance and education, is an active distributor of food waste from local grocery stores to food agencies through Food Sharing Ottawa, and continues to work closely with Arc Acres during the growing season to support their holistic approach to food growing since completing a full-time internship in 2014.

Monica is also working her way through a diploma in organic landcare through a diverse array of water, soil, native plant, and indigenous microorganism courses through Soil Food Web and Gaia College.


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