Making Healing Salves

Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 10:00am


A salve is a thick healing ointment that can be made out of a variety of different plants with different healing qualities. Salves can be used to nourish skin or to heal cuts, bruises, burns, or infections. In this workshop you will learn about harnessing the healing power of plants through the making of salves. You will learn how to make a salve so that you can put your new knowledge to work in your own kitchen using purchased herbs or wild plants growing outside your door. We will discuss in detail the unique qualities of the plants we will using and list other plants that are useful for at home salve making. We will talk about how to harvest and prepare plants for generic use and how to turn those plants into healing oils. We will also talk about where you can buy pre-prepared herbs, oils and salves and many other preparations. We will list places where you can buy seeds and young medicinal plants so you can grow your own herbal pharmacy at home.


Following this session we will serve free lunch 12-1

This event is free, donations are welcomed.




Rain Lill is a master herbalist from the wild rose college of natural healing in Alberta. She left Alberta in the hunt for affordable land with the plan to start a herbal medicine making and fermented foods business. With the added plan to put her permaculture designer certificate to work building a regenerative food system. Rain is the mother of two young boys a self proclaimed kitchen witch and an amateur potter and seamstress.



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