Mushrooms in your kitchen, in the forest and on the farm- Free Workshop

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 10:00am




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Learn where to find gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and how they can be grown on logs, stumps, straw, kitchen/farm "waste", or just about anything.

Find out about some ways that our fungal friends can help us with problems like soil remediation where chemicals have been spilled or artificial amendments have damaged the soil, helping forests recover after logging, and helping to utilize unused biomass on the farm. At the same time these practices can generate additional value for landscapers, farmers, gardeners and landowners.

Following the workshop we will serve Luch 12:30 -1

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Steev Morgan is a mycophile, mycophage, and amateur mycologist based in Brooke Valley. His first experiences were with dining, and then foraging and fermenting, but now medicinals, cultivation and environmental impacts are also strong interests. He loves learning about fungi and sharing that knowledge.

He feels that our culture has been missing out on the wonders of their world, and we are totally oblivious to their deep importance to our survival. We have some catching up to do, and we live in an age where citizen scientists can make valid contributions to the body of knowledge.

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