In praise of The Table's Dads and Kids Program

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Perth resident Emma Postlethwaite recently wrote a lovely letter to editor of the EMC Perth about The Table CFC's Dads and Kids Community Kitchen:

To the Editor, I am writing to shower praise on the Dads and Kids in the Kitchen program at The Table Community Food Centre in Perth.

I love to cook and bake for my family of six but I may be changing my mind. Reading and relaxing while my husband and two older children take over the kitchen may be better! My 10 and 11-year olds, along with my husband have now attended three classes. Food is prepared, recipes are shared and great enthusiasm comes home.

The program has inspired my husband and children to head off to the grocery store to buy the food, come home and prepare it, and insist that I stay away from the kitchen. This is all done both happily and proudly. The recipes appeal to all palettes and explore different cultures and ingredients your children may have not tried.

Participation in meal preparation seems to entice children to be adventurous and try new tastes. The instruction during the session covers all angles of safe food preparation so much is learned and I am told the instructor, Mike, is awesome. I am amazed at what a positive effect this program has had on my family. I had mistakenly thought that they were all too busy to really help with meal preparation. This program has turned what some may see as a chore into a very fun activity!

A big thank you to all those involved.

Emma Postlethwaite, Perth