Reports from The Table

Audited Financial Statements Jan - Mar 2020

These are the audited financial statements for a short-interim fiscal year of January to March 2020.

This short year occurred because in 2020, The Table shifted it's fiscal year from January to December, to April to March. 


COVID19 Community Check In

A summary report of our 2020 COVID19 Community Check In - a survey of community members across Lanark County and Smiths Falls.

Almost 800 community members responded to the survey which included questions about employment and income, mental health, access to food, housing, and the community's response to the pandemic.

Audited Financial Statements 2019

Below you will find a link to download our audited financial statments for January to December 2019, with thanks to Allan and Partners for conducting the audit.

Opportunities and Challenges of Food Recovery

A discussion paper written for The Table's Board of Directors that identifies the opportunities and challenges of The Table being more involved in food recovery - the process of identifying safe, useable food that would otherwise be wasted and ensuring it does not go to landfill or to be composted but is used to its fullest potential.

2018 Audited Financial Statements

Our 2018 audited financial statements provide an overview of our financial position at December 31, 2018. The audit was completed by Allan and Partners of Perth.


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