Though U.S.-focussed this 25 minute podcast from Bloomberg's Material World is a great overivew of the impact of sugar on our diets and heath....

This time of year feels like a continuous feast. With pumpkin spice lattes and apple pie and holiday cookies at every turn, Americans are constantly confronted by sugar. More than half of the nation's people are trying to eat less sugar -- and some are trying to quit altogether. So why is it so hard to tame that sweet tooth?

Jenny and Lindsey dig into the ingredients that keep us chomping long past our necessary caloric intake: sugar, salt and fat. Jacqueline Raposo, a food writer and host of the "Love Bites" podcast, talks about the challenges of her month-long pledge to abstain from sugar. New York University's Nutrition and Food Studies Professor Marion Nestle explains why certain tastes appeal. Bestselling author and New York Times investigative reporter Michael Moss and Bloomberg's Craig Giammona speak to the companies that rely on sugar, salt and fat to attract consumers and how Big Food and Big Soda are being forced to change tactics.


The Table's Executive Director, Ramsey Hart, and program participant and volunteer Jean Lewis were on Lake 88.1 on Thursday, October 13th to talk about our fall fundraising campaign, the programs that are happening at The Table this fall and Jean's journey from food bank user to active volunteer.

Have a listen by hitting the play button below (12 minutes). 


The Table was fortunate to collaborate with Community Food Centres Canada and media company Dot Dot Dash to tell stories of how good food changes lives in our community. The result is a collection of five short videos. Please watch and don't forget to share. if you like you can also watch and share them on our Facebook page.



Here are The Table's 2015 Audited Statements. This is a draft version that will be finalized following approval at our Annual General Meeting on May 30th 2016..



The Table's 2015 Annual Report is available for download (1.7 MB PDF)

The 2015 Annual Program Survey Report provides the results of a survey done with  74 of our adult program participants and demonstrates the impacts our programs are having on people's diets, mental health and sense of community. 




The Table Community Food Centre 2015 Impact Summary
A concise 2-pager featuring results from our program data tracking and annual program survey.


This report compiled with the help of Community Food Centres Canada provides an overview of the Table's programming in 2015. It includes program outcomes, quotes from participants and stories of our programs' impacts.


A November 16, 2015 interview that aired on Lake 88 with Executive Director, Ramsey Hart, and Tammy, a program participant and volunteer at The Table.  They talk about what makes The Table a special place and discuss some of the issues at the root of food insecurity.


Listen to the interview.

An engaging animated video that debunks diet fads and shares what research tells us about eating healthy.