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Local Food Video Featuring the Table

The Table was recently featured in this short video along with our friends at the Masonry Restaurant and Perth Brewery for our role in supporting and promoting local food. It was produced by Feast ON.

Check it out...


Our Good Food Rules

The Table, along with the other Community Food Centres, has adopted some straightforward approaches to healthy food and healthy eating that are intended to have a positive impact on the health of the people we work with, the environment and other players in the food system.  We understand that there are severe constraints on the choices open to many of our participants, but we try to empower them to push back against these barriers to create as big a space as possible to take control over their own food.   Though we care a lot about food, we try not to be zealots and to remember that above all, food should build community and be a source of pleasure.

A New Face at The Table

 The Table is pleased to announce the arrival of Ramsey Hart as the organization’s new Executive Director.

Program Highlights for 2013

Last year we reached 2,111 different individuals with our services.

Nancy Wildgoose and Elizabeth Goldman on Lake 88 In Focus

Bob Perreault is joined by Elizabeth Goldman from the Perth and District Union Public Library and Nancy Wildgoose Executive Director of the Table in Perth. They talk about how good literacy and good food habits are closely related.

AGM 2014

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General meeting of the Members of the The Table Community Food Centre will be held at 7:00 PM on May 13, 2014 at The Table at 190 Gore Street East,  Perth, Ontario, K7H 1K3 to:


Food Fit

Food Fit is a fitness and nutrition program focused on connecting members of the community who want to make long term improvements to their health through diet and exercise.

Core foods from the Good Food Bank

Because we don’t believe that just any food is good enough, starting in January, 2014 Core Foods will be stocked in the food bank!


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