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A Plethora of Produce at theTable

The Table receives grant

It is the time of year when nature is bountiful in its fruits. This year, the produce shelves at the Good Food Bank in Perth will be more fully stocked and able to offer more fresh fruits and vegetables to community members.

At Table Community Food Centre we are excited to announce that funding provided by the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy program and facilitated by the United Way of Greater Simcoe now makes it possible for the Table Community Food Centre to expand our programming and carry on with services previously funded by other programs.  Just over $50,000.00 in funding will support three different program components up to March 2017.

The first program change is a pilot project in the Good Food Bank. Grant funds will be used to increase the amount of fresh produce available and eliminate the cap on how much fresh food community members could taken home. Instead, Good Food Bank participants will be encouraged to take what they can use.  From the moment it started, the new “take what you can use” rule in the GFB at the Table has been a success. While a primary objective of the project is to increase the amount of fresh food available to low-income households, another important benefit of this 10 month pilot program is the dignity of choice in accessing an essential need.  GFB manager Wendy Quarrington says she wishes she could film the reactions of community members as they begin to truly shop for what their household can use from the well-stocked produce rather than just what they are allowed to take. Thanks to the grant funds, our ongoing generous community and corporate supporters, and to the generous donations from local farmers and gardeners in this season of bounty, there is a plethora of produce available through this pilot program.

The second component  of the grant will provide funds to enhance the services of our Peer Advocacy Office.  We will be able to continue offering a fourth day a week of support in the Peer Advocacy Office; will be able to offer transportation support to those who need to travel into Perth to access our services; and will offer training opportunities to the advocacy team. The training will increase the advocates effectiveness at serving the folks who come through the office seeking support with a variety of challenging situations, including accessing the energy cost rebate programs available to people living on low-incomes. The Table  will be able to open our Fall 2017 Community Action Training to community members  from across Lanark County/Smiths Falls because we can offer transportation assistance to community members to attend the trainings.  Anyone looking for more information about the Advocacy Office can call 613-267-6428 x29 or email

The final initiative funded by the grant will be to continue our work  creating collaborative local solutions to address housing insecurity and homelessness in Lanark County and Smiths Falls. Building on the work of the Lanark County funded Housing Outreach campaign; we will work with community members to create an action strategy to address local needs. For more information about this initiative, contact Beth at 613-267-6428 x4 or

Homelessness Partnering Strategy funds are meant to support locally driven activities designed to prevent individuals and families at risk from becoming homeless.  This includes helping provide food though food banks, and providing supports of an individual and collective nature to people potentially at risk of homelessness/facing housing insecurity. For more information about the HPS-Rural and Remote funding criteria please see the Government of Canada website at

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