Food Forests - What are they and How do they benefit public places?

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This article published in the EMC talks about the benefits of edible forest gardens in public space and talks about the Food Forest we planted last month in Last Duel Park. Below is a short excerpt, read on for more info! Click HERE to read the full article.

"The Food Forest is already serving as an outdoor classroom and ... once the plants have a chance to take root, the Food Forest will provide publicly accessible food. ... Our next step will be to add educational signage that will help people identify the plants, what parts are edible, and how to harvest. In addition, the Food Forest provides a sort of "DNA bank" - once the plants are big enough herbs can be divided and transplanted into new gardens, and shrubs can be propagated from cuttings. Finally, edible forest gardens are beautiful spaces that are therapeutic to spend time in and provide habitat and food for wildlife...."

We are very excited about this project and thankful to the many people involved in making it happen! This project was funded by TD Friends of the Environment, the Perth and District Community Foundation and supported by the Town of Perth. We're also grateful to our design coaches, Bonita Ford and Sebastien Bacharach of the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario. Many volunteers helped with the design and planting, and continue to care for the Food Forest as it gets established.

We hope that you will visit the Food Forest but ask that you wait to harvest from the plants - they need some time to grow.