Garlic, Garlic, Garlic!

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Preparations are underway for our second year at the Perth Garlic Festival! 

Doug Rorwick, a volunteer and garden member in The Table Gardens, took the lead on our garlic project this year. He's got years of experience growing garlic and is really organized to boot. Last week Doug and a great team of garden members (pictured below) harvested 800 bulbs, now hung to cure, for our booth at the garlic festival. We have 1700 more bulbs in the ground that we will harvest and distribute through The Table CFC's programs.

For the festival we'll be selling our garlic and giving away tasty samples and garlic-based recipes. Come see us at the Perth Garlic Festival! August 9th-10th:

The Table Gardens - Garlic Team

Photo left to right : Doug Rorwick, Sidney MacKenzie, Cassie MacKenzie, Debbie Hunt, Shannon Watson, Eva Gentle, and Danna MacKenzie