Highlights from the 2014 Growing Season in The Table Gardens

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We had a our best season yet! Thank you to all the garden members who made this year a success.

(Photo: Some of our garden members at our Harvest Dinner in Sept.)

Some highlights from this year.....

  • We produced 2050 lbs of local, organically grown food
  • Garden members gave 1100 hours of their time to the garden—for every hour of time donated we were able to share 2lbs of delicious veggies through the Good Food Bank, Community Meals, Community Kitchens and Community Gardens
  • We planted 2400 sq ft of Food Forest with berries, fruits, herbs, and teas
  • Over 100 elementary students and summer campers visited the gardens for lessons on biodiversity, community building, and  food production
  • We hosted 5 gardening workshops and a 10-week Food Forest design course
  • We took part in Communities in Bloom contest and were featured on CTV and FeastON. Our gardens have never looked so good!
  • We grew 2500 head of garlic and had another great year at the Perth Garlic Festival

The gardens are now closed for the season but the snow hasn't stopped people from checking us out. It was good to see these tracks over to our new garden sign built and installed by dedicated volunteers.

Stay tuned for winter workshops....