We're planting a Food Forest!

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We are very excited to announce that the Perth and District Community Foundation granted us $3320 to plant a food forest as part of our community gardens in Last Duel Campground. The food forest will provide a source of local fruits, nuts, and herbs as well as acting as a demonstration site for ecological gardening and a place where people can learn about growing and harvesting edible perennials.

Last year Community Foundations Canada's Vital Signs report focused on the importance of food as “the place where our most pressing issues converge – poverty, health and well being, our environment and economy – they all hit home at our kitchen table.”

Two years ago, The Table was the 2nd Community Food Centre to open its doors and our local Community Foundation supported us in building our community kitchen. Today social service organizations and food banks across Canada are regularly contacting us as a model and a source of inspiration for the change they want to see.

We are proud to be among the many who are working toward a food system in which everyone can share in the good food revolution and we are grateful for the local support we have received.

We are among 13 local charitable groups and organizations funded by the PDCF in 2014 (pictured below). There is a lot of great work being done here in Perth! See the PDCF website for more details on the grants awarded this year: http://www.pdcf.ca/grants.php