Annual Meeting

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022 - 6:30pm

Join us for our annual members meeting. You may join us in person at The Table or by Zoom. To RSVP contact Ramsey Hart, Executive Director by email or call 613-267-6428. 

The meeting will include:

  • a presentation from Melissa Benner, Director of Communications at Community Food Centres Canada
  • presentation of audited finanial statements
  • summary of our annual report
  • election of directors
  • review and voting on proposed changes to our bylaws

Please click on the links below for the meeting materials.

Draft Agenda

Draft Minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting

Financial Statments

Annual Report

Bylaws with  Proposed Changes

Director Nominee Biographies


More Information: 

Please see our membershp page for more information about becoming a member of The Table. You must be a member to vote at the meeting. Non-members may attend an annual meeting at the discretion of the Chair.

Regarding changes to the bylaws, the most significant changes were to ensure that the Bylaw conformed to the requirements of the Ontario Not for Profit Corporations Act which came into force last year. Additionally, the Board took this opportunity to make some changes which promote good governance. The Bylaws now permit persons living outside of Perth and District to be nominees for election to the Board. The Bylaws create a record date – a date before scheduled meetings of members by which people must be a member in order to participate in the meeting. The dispute resolution provisions are restricted to disputes concerning interpretation of the articles or bylaw and not to the operations of The Table which are ultimately the legal responsibility of the Directors (acting through the Executive Director.) 




The Table, 190 Gore St. E, Perth ON

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