Backyard Composting Workshop

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Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 10:00am


Backyard Composting: Easy Basics for Successful Compost

Composting is a controlled, fast paced version of natural decomposition. It is a miracle of Nature - actually performed by thousands of species of microscopic organisms - happening all around us all the time. A staggering amount of our household waste can be recycled by composting within the household and then reused within the household. In this workshop we will talk about what we are actually recycling this waste into when composting (hint: it is not soil), why compost is so great (hint: garden fertilizer is low on the list), and most importantly, how to successfully compost in you back yard and/or kitchen (or basement, garage, etc). In terms of how, there are lots of different composting methods that work, and lots of variations within each method. This workshop will provide you the information you need to get a successful start at composting so you can use the end product. We will be focusing on backyard compost bins, worm bins and bokashi buckets.

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Lunch  will be served by The Table 12-1.


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Colin Lundy has been farming fruits, vegetables and flowers organically for 15 years. In Nova Scotia he manually turned windrows of horse manure into compost; In Wisconsin he sometimes turned cow manure with a tractor and sometimes built biodynamic compost piles. Now, in North Gower, he works with worms, bokashi and a giant “backyard” compost pile made in part from copious kitchen scraps from Strathmere, the hospitality business for which he farms/gardens with his wife, Eylie Mateer. Colin has completed the Basic Organic Crop Inspection training with International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA), the Organic Master Gardeners Course from Gaia College, and has recently received his Organic Practitioner Accreditation from the Society of Organic Urban Landcare (SOUL). He is also the Farmer Outreach Coordinator at Canadian Organic Growers Ottawa-St Lawrence-Outaouais Chapter (COG OSO).  



The Table Community Food Centre

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