Decarbonizing Ontario - What does it look like?

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 6:30pm


With Steve Lapp Professional Engineer, specialist in Renewable Energy Systems

Climate Change has serious implications for food security, the future of our economic system and addressing inequality and social justice. 

Join us to learn about what can be done in Ontario to address the challenge of climate change .

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Meeting climate change goals for 2050, what does an 80% decarbonized Ontario look like?

How do we heat our buildings, what does our transportation system look like?
What is the impact on our electrical grid?
What types of jobs are created, what type are lost?
What kinds of savings will there be?
What level of capital investment is required.”

Steve looks at the sources and tonnes of GHG emissions from Ontario businesses, institutions and personal choices. He will then examine and identify technical options for lower GHG emissions from these sources. 

The technology changes he identifies will have economic savings and costs associated with them, as well as job creation and loss. Importantly, he will also explore the next steps, both personal and government, to move to this low carbon path.

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Steve Lapp

Steve graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Queen’s University in 1980 and completed an M.Sc. in solar thermal processes in 1985. Over the next thirty years his career broadly covered design for transit vehicles, fuel cells and batteries for electric vehicles, renewable energy systems for on and off grid, and support for renewable energy system deployment in Ontario, Lesotho, India and Jamaica. In 2005 he was recruited by St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario to develop a new program for Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering and Technology. He recently retired from the Program after 15 years of teaching and is continuing his enjoyment of education through presentations on societal decarbonization and electric vehicles. In 1989 Steve bought his first electric car, and since 2001, a hybrid car, grid connected photovoltaics and a solar thermal assisted heat pump home heating system. He believes the successful path to global decarbonization is an almost fully electrified world.



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