WIN-WIN-WIN for Me, You and US: Making Difficult Conversations Easier with Collaborative Communication

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Monday, January 18, 2016 - 9:30am

On January 18th come join Bonita Ford to learn how to use collaborative communication to:  

·      talk through those tough conversations that you need to have

·      focus on solutions to the real needs and issues in disagreements

·      stay open to listening when emotions are making it easier to get lost in misunderstandings


About the workshop leader, Bonita Ford:

Bonita aims to inspire people and help them empower themselves by sharing tools for healthier ways of living. At the heart of it, her work is about creating more harmonious relationships with ourselves, others and the Earth. Her “toolbox” includes permaculture, Reiki, Compassionate/ Collaborative Communication, shamanic practice and nature connection.  She has been leading workshops and groups for over 13 years


190 Gore St. E, Perth ON

Program Area: