Fertile Ground: Sowing the seeds of change in Canada's food system

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On Oct. 1st, 2013 Community Foundations Canada released this year’s Vital Signs report titled Fertile Ground: Sowing the seeds of change in Canada’s food system. The report explores “how communities can mobilize locally to build a better food system for the future” and build on the current momentum of initiatives across Canada.

The report was launched by the President of Community Foundations Canada, Ian Bird, who repeatedly mentioned the Community Food Centre model as one of the innovative solutions for a more equitable food system.  Several initiatives aimed at creating equal access to healthy, affordable, local food were present for the launch including Hidden Harvest, Good Food Markets, and the Ottawa Food Bank as well as partners in community health.

This year’s Vital Signs report focuses on the importance of food as “the place where our most pressing issues converge – poverty, health and wellbeing, our environment and economy – they all hit home at our kitchen table.”

Two years ago, The Table was the 2nd Community Food Centre to open its doors and our local Community Foundation supported us in building our community kitchen. Today social service organizations and food banks across Canada are regularly contacting us as a model and a source of inspiration for the change they want to see. 

We are proud to be among the many who are working toward a food system in which everyone, regardless of purchasing power, can share in the good food revolution.