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Dennis Marks receives his free hug from Peer Advocate Joanne CassidyThe Peer Advocates were out on the streets of Perth offering up free hugs and information about the services the office offers on Friday July 12th. In just one hour we shared 117 hugs with fellow community members, there is a lot of love in this little town! One of our favourite stories of the day involved an older gentleman. When asked if he would like a free hug, he said he needed a minute to think it over. He then went on to tell us that he hadn't been hugged in years. After a great hug shared together, he thanked us and moved along. We saw this same man stop at the end of the next block and hug another person, paying it forward. What an amazing experience, thanks for sharing the love Perth.

Peer Advocates are available four days a week during regular food bank hours, offering support, resources, and referrals on a wide variety of issues from lost identification to housing searches and so much more. If you are feeling frustrated or unsure about what supports or services are available to you, give an advocate a call at 613-267-6428 ext. 29 or come down to the office.  

In the picture below, Dennis Marks receives his FREE HUG from Peer Advocate Joanne Cassidy.