Our De"luscious" corn harvest!

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The "luscious" variety of corn is one of only a few organic corn seeds available. We planted 4 rows of luscious corn with a grade 3 class from St. John's, and when asked what it means for corn to be 'organic' one boy replied that "it means it doesn't taste as good." Hmmmm. We had a discussion about that and talked about the importance of growing food organically, not just for our own health (and for GOOD flavour!), but also for the health of insects and pollinators, and our soil.

I don't know if I changed this one boy's mind. But we harvested some of our corn today and I found these taste test results in my inbox shortly after:


Dear Ms. Mallett,
A sample of corn was submitted to the International Department of Agriculture; Taste Test Division, by the Table Garden, Duel Park Division.  It was sent to our lab where it was carefully cooked then tested by inspector Harris for evaluation.  The report is done and the result is listed below.
Brian D Harris,
Chief Inspector DATTD