Shovel and spoon

Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 9:30pm

The Shovel and Spoon program is a workshop series for groups of low-income or marginalized youth and adults. We gather community members together in a participatory and supportive learning environment to learn about, grow, cook, share and advocate for healthy food as a means to promoting physical and social health and a more sustainable food system.

This program is run in collaboration with other community agencies. Workshop sessions for existing groups can be held monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or as ‘one-offs’ between November and April each year. Sessions are held at The Table Community Food Centre, 190 Gore St. E. in Perth. 

The objectives of the Shovel and Spoon program are:

  • To increase participants’ skills, knowledge and behaviours around growing and cooking healthy food
  • To reduce participants’ social isolation and increase their connection to a variety of supports
  • To increase participants’ knowledge of and agency around food system issues

We invite other agencies who are interested in organizing a Shovel and Spoon program for an existing group to contact April Mallett, Community Garden Coordinator, by phone 613-267-6428 X 7 or email


With the help of many volunteers and eager gardeners, April manages our gardens, facilitates our group gardening sessions, and facilitates the Shovel and Spoon program. She has been working in the areas of youth leadership and community building for the last 8 years and has been growing food as a way of building healthy people and communities for the past 5 years. She feels most at home in a garden, and most alive when growing, cooking, and sharing food with others.


Last Duel Campground, Perth, ON

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