Collaborative Youth Gardening Program

We are very excited to once again partner with the South Lanark Community Garden to offer a dynamic gardening program for youth. It’s been a busy season since our first session in June. Youth participants have had an opportunity to experience a lot of what the growing season has to offer, from seed to harvest.

We’ve made and applied compost teas, and worked with different compost techniques to cycle the nutrients from the land we’ve worked together. The youth have become familiar with many ways to manage the pests and weeds in the garden. We’ve covered health and safety on the farm, including aspects of self and community care. 

Looking Back at the Garden Season That Was

We have come to an end of another great season of growing at the Table’s community gardens. Our year started with indoor seed propagating sessions which everyone really enjoyed. There is nothing better that seeing little seedlings growing while the snow is still all around. This was especially true this year with a spring taking it's time to arrive. Of course, later in the season there was more than enough warm weather to make up for the late start but this too brought some challenges.

Dinner and a Movie - Meeting Place Organic Film

Local, organic, and sustainable are words we associate with food production today, but 40 years ago, when Fran and Tony McQuail started farming in Southwestern Ontario, they were barely spoken. Since 1973, the McQuails have been helping to build the organic farming community and support the next generation of organic farmers.

The Harvest Kitchen

Friday morning 10:00-12:30 during the gardening season.

Backyard Composting Workshop


Backyard Composting: Easy Basics for Successful Compost

Natural Pest Control Garden Workshop

In this 2 hour session we will learn to recognize pests and beneficial insects as well as review basic and creative strategies for controlling pests.  Some of the best include: Make Them Work For It with Crop Rotation Planning, Cloaking Devices, Hiding in Plain Sight with Companion Planting, Spear ‘Em with Beneficial Insect Allies as well as simple and practical tools for hand control.

The Healing Power of Common Weeds RESCHEDULED FOR APRIL 9


Join us for a morning of learning about how to use common weeds for health!

During this workshop we will identify several wild plants for everyday nourishment and healing, their associated harvesting, drying and storage methods to maintain their freshness, and get you safely on your way to building lasting relationships with the beautiful plant communities that surrounds us!

Please call Joanna to register 613-267-6428 extension 28


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