Social Justice

Dinner and A Movie, January Edition

This month's movie night will feature two episides (one and six) of the web based series Culture in Decline.

C.A.N. you sing?

The Community Action Network, our social justice club, has entered the Christmas parade this year as a choir and is looking for interested people to join us in singing some revised carols. The parade is happening on December 6th and leaves the old Brown Shoe building on Sunset Blvd. at 5:00.

Dinner and a Movie, December 10th 2014

Join us Wednesday December 10th for a Dinner and a Movie annual tradition, What Would Jesus Buy?

Dinner and a Movie, November 12, 2014

This month's movie night will feature Just Eat It- A food waste story.

Dinner and a Movie, October edition


Because there is an all candidates meeting happening during our regular dinner and a movie timeslot we have moved Dinner and a Movie to the 15th of October this month. We apologize for the switch up and we hope to see you out on the 15th!

Free Clothing Swap and Bicycle Workshop

Come on over to the Table on Saturday July 12th for FREE clothes and a FREE bicycle workshop!

The Community Action Network (C.A.N.) and the Peer Advocates have teamed up to bring another great FREE clothing swap to the Table. The swap is from 2- 4 inside the Table CFC. You do not need to bring clothes to take clothes- just come on out!

In the backyard of the Table CFC the Perth Bicycle Collective will be holding a FREE bicycle workshop from 2-5. This great group of people will be on hand to offer help and advice with basic bicycle maintenance.

Perth Bicycle Collective

The Community Action Network (the social justice club that meets at the Table CFC) have been working with the awesome folks at Transition Perth and other interested community members to help form the Perth Bicycle Collective. This group is offering free workshops throughout the summer.

Do the Math Challenge

Are you interested in taking the Do the Math Challenge from May 5th - 9th to mark Hunger Awareness Week? If so, read on!

Do the Math Participants

Meet the Kennies! This amazing family is taking the Do The Math Challenge next week during Hunger Awareness Week. Follow their experience by checking out Jordan’s blog at


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